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Our Corporation was established to provide quality knowledgeable Recreational & Medical Consultation & Multi-Media Services. with compassion and convenience.  Our mission is to provide an alternative view point opposed to using industrialized pharmaceuticals.

Our Promise to You

Is to provide YOU with, knowledgeable, in-depth, consistent, current content & news worthy articles, columns & reviews related to all Cannabis issues weather they be in Business, Policy, Lobbying & Policing.

Medical & Recreational Cannabis News

We will offer a broad array of cannabis services as well as publishing our own media content. Our team will guide you through your options where you can buy, rate & review legal cannabis products.

The GGGC Way


Drew C W Craig

Founder, President, Publisher, Vice President of Consultant Services & Chief Reporter

Since entering the Medical Cannabis Industry in 2015 as a Sales Rep. Drew has also held various positions such as, Clinic Manager, Regional Director, Managing Director of Operations & Communications and more..