Business: Aphria Inc. CEO Neufeld Resigns: Says health reasons, playing the Urban Meyer card

When it rains it pours. On Friday one of Canada's largest cannabis producers lost the man who lead them this far over the last five years. Chief Executive Officer Vic Neufeld made his resignation official saying that family issues, home life and his health has forced his hand to retire from his post.

We call bullshit! It absolutely must have nothing to do with apparent hostile takeover $2 Billion bid via Columbus Ohio based Green Growth Ltd., the recent 'short selling' scandal or the accusations that they have been frivolously spending money on buying up useless Latin American assets eh Vic? But instead of choosing the facts he chose to play the Urban Meyer card the way he did to the Florida Gators with serial killer Aaron Hernandez, Tim Tebow & now with The Ohio State Buckeyes.

But as the same as the Buckeyes, investors seemed to be pleased with the departure of Vic & his buddy Cole Cacciavillani, who will remain on the Board but will resign from his position as Vice President of Growing Operations when a replacement is found, by Aphria's stock price up 5.4% @$9.18/share on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Only time will if all of their assets that they have accumulated will actually end up producing quality products for their commitment for the Canadian Medical & Recreational Markets... Oh yeah Captain Buzz Kill again remember they have their Overseas/Global Markets also but just like the owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, once they globalize, the organization tends to lose focus on what got them there in the first place.

Cheers & Happy Sunday all!

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