Business: Green Growth’s Hostile takeover Bid for Aphria Heats up

As the temperatures locally hit -45(Celsius) & below things are heating up in Canada's most southern land mass & in Ohio as Aphria's Board of Directors are attempting to defend themselves from Green Growth Brands hostile takeover bid.

This once only medical cannabis producer caught the eye of of Content Team, being that it was one of the only LP's(Licenced Producer) that was producing their products in outdoor green houses with the assistance of lighting in the winter months when nature sunlight is not possible to meet the light cycle requirements for the stages of growth of product.

They boosted at the that they were able to produce dried cannabis at a rate of around $4 per gram & were closing in on lower production costs as more facilities were coming online once obtaining final approves from Health Canada. Remember, this was a few years ago before they became a global player.

When one of the members was looking into switching over to Aphria because they did not like the lack of availability of Sativa Strains((which has been an industry issue for medical patients from the start because these strains take double or triple the time to grow vs their Indica counter parts, and they ultimately chose a different company that was able to offer multiple Sativa & Hybrid Strains) & of course shareholders want their money back in a timely fashion))

The hostile takeover bid is the same stock ratio that was rumored last December from Ohio's based Green Growth Brands. Other conditions also included a deadline of May 9th unless extended or withdrawn from GGB, a brand named, "All Js Greenspace LLC" with apparent connections to the Schottenstein Family that have lead companies such as fashion company American Eagle & grocery store chain company Albertson's as well as a clause to cease & withdraw their bid if the "short-selling stocks" are found valid by any relevant material.

Sounds like this 'new' Board for Aphira will be doing some day dabbing & lobbying their shareholders to make sure that if the stock buy out option does not succeed that their shareholders will stand fast from these opportunistic Americans. But to keep it 100! It is about time!

Cheers & stay warm!

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