Canada: Canada’s Pot Czar says supply issues resolved?! Is he High on his own Supply?

Apparently Bill Blair, the minister appointed by Justin & his Liberal regime to lead the charge on legalization of recreational cannabis, has been dabbing & tweeting fake news bullshit that is a kin to the Commander-And-Chief to the south.

To expand on that, the supply issue is resolved because of the statistics that Health Canada released that there was apparently 18 times more supply available than totalled sales for December but sales stayed stagnate.

Now this absolutely has to have nothing to do with the consumer based rejecting the legal markets supply due to lack of properly priced products & lack of quality products that when available. Also, the government has priced themselves out of the market because most recreational user know where they can obtain the same or better products from the medical or back to the black markets at a massive savings of 100-250%.

So much for taking it out of the hands of criminals that are selling it to our children. If you voted for Justin, we’ll bet that you also believe that you are in the middle class & if you believe all that than we have an ocean front property for sale in Saskatchewan.

From the Khan scandal, Morneau & his families shady dealings, appointing a murder to the honoured Governor Generals post, directing the then Attorney General Joby W-R to strike a sweet heart deal with construction giant SNC-Lavalin to avoid jail time, only pay fines for bribery allegations & then removing and demoting Jody for refusing to do so because she is apparently one of the few non-corruptible ministers in the Liberal regime.

In December there was 109,236 of unfinished cannabis(non-packaged, tabled nor ready for sale) up 11 percent from November & 19,085 kilograms of dried cannabis ready for sale but actually down 4% compared to November???

How does the minister expect us to believe that the supply issues are resolved when there is not enough products available for sale in the market by their own department’s admission via the numbers?

When comparing the numbers for the so called, 1st quarter of legalization, the legal market has done little to combat against the illegal market by way of competitive pricing. For the period the government’s weed sold for an average of $9.86 a whopping 41% higher(pun fully intended) than the $6.46 illegal market while also averaging 14+ grams consumed per month.

Retail stores across the country are either closed, closing, cutting hours or laying off staff due to no cannabis & if open, have next to no options or very limited amounts & strains to choose from… Hahaha now all the recreational users know how medical patients have been growing thought for years now!

By Statistics Canada’s own admission the number of users did not increase over the past month but this is said to be because of the LP’s not being able to produce as much as they had thought as well as a huge share of the market that hasn’t purchased the governments weed because of there not having a store front locally & when there, again have priced themselves out of the market.

Honestly, the LP’s can only produce 400,000 kilograms of cannabis. That is only serving 40% of the Medical & Recreational Canadian Cannabis that will consume a kiloton(1,000,000 kilograms). When comparing to California(Population 39+million) to Canada(36+million) but yet Cali has a whopping 4000 approved commerical cannabis farmers. Canada is currently at 102 LP’s. Therefore, in comparison, legalization is a fucking joke & we can tell the difference between rain & piss.

Piss off!

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