Canada: Customer Shot during daring robbery at an ‘illegal’ Dispensary in Vancouver

On January 27th the Vancouver Police Force were called to a downtown Holistic store front location but instead this time it was not them severing the Stepping Stone Holistic Living, one of the current Dispensaries that are remaining operational after being deemed ‘illegal’ with the introduction of the BC Supreme Court & Cannabis Act, bill C-45, even though they were also identified by Justin & his Liberal regime’s own Legalization Task Force.

The Police Force has said that at 5pm they received a call from a downtown business that said they were robbed at gun point by two masked men one of which shot someone in the store. The Police Force later said that a 32 year old man was shot during the robbery and was transported to the hospital with ‘non-life threatening injuries’, which is a total buzz kill when someone is just going to the store to grabs some meds and have a relaxing evening.

Interesting enough the Police Force have not said what, if anything, the would be thieves got away with, weather that it be cash &/or products or that they did not arrest any store employees nor seize any products.

This is apparently due to the fact that the Police Force is awaiting their Community Safety Unit fully operational status which is also said to be coming within weeks, likely this spring.

The most terrible part of this storey is that this poor patient was just trying to get some alleviation from their aliments but now they have to contend with a gun-shot wound to the leg.

Cheers brother, this buds to YOU! Have a safe weekend all!!!

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