FOUND ALIVE! Our Content Team is has been in a Political overdosed coma…

Jegmeet Singh wins his by-election campaign in Burnaby-South B.C. but ends up losing former leader, Tom Mulcair, seat in Outermnt Quebec.

Butts that not even the start of it. Justin, the social justice warrior, sure fucked things up in just the only way that the Grits can. 

Continued intimidation of the Jody Raybould-Wilson, AG, bullying his own female MP, the sorry not sorry apology, the attempt cover up by having Gerald Butts & Katie Telford to fall on their swords and make sure that the PM’s story is coerced along with Privy Council Clerk, Michael Wernick in an attempt to smear the former AG and tell their ’Truth’, one of his MP’s saying the sexist remarks that she’s(JRW, AG) only following the words of the Father, a First Nations Chief, SNC-Lavalin lobbying the Liberal regime to change the laws so they could obtain a deferred prosecution agreement(DPA) to avoid potential criminal convictions in their alleged bribery of the Gaddafi regime of Libya of hundred of millions of dollars in return for the awarding of government contracts, SNC-Lavalin’s apparent failed plot to smuggle Saadi Gaddafi & his family in 2011 during the fall of his fathers regime to Mexico, female Liberal MP’s social media account sending out almost identical messages & probably the biggest bomb shell was the unpredictable resignation of Treasury Board President, Jane Philpott, after only being there since Jody Raybould-Wilson’s firing from the AG post, citing that she had ‘lost confidence’, in the so called feminist champion Justin Trudeau Liberal cabinet over their handling of the SNC-Lavalin Scandal and then lastly the Liberal members of the Justice Committee abruptly adjourning their meeting until March 19th were the Tories were shouting, ‘Cover Up, Cover Up!’, ‘Shame’ & ‘this isn’t the Justice Committee, IT’S THE JUSITN COMMITTEE!!!’, as well as decrying to the media immediately after the meeting that the Liberals, ‘ran out the backdoor’.

Yeah, that was a mouth full but now you know why we were have been absent for so long.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The sad thing is that with Max & his Peoples Party of Canada establishment last year, it was all but certain that Justin & his regime were going to walk back to Ottawa with relative ease by splitting the conservative vote & this was already with four scandals under their belts as well as Justin being the first Prime Minster in Canadian history to break a federal statute and was found guilty by the federal ethics committee over his Aga Khan trip.

Probably a first he could do without in the upcoming election & with recent releases of other ‘pressure’ or what would be classified in your and our workplace as harassment which is an egregious violation of the Employment Standards Act but apparently when the Prime Minster does it it’s not a crime… Hmmm where I have I heard that before… 

It is looking more likely that the office pool long shot bet that Andrew & his Conservatives will be propped up in a coalition government with Max & his Conservatives, what and the fuck. 

Will tomorrow continue to be ‘Black Monday’?!? 

Who will be fired or resign?

Only time will tell.

Cheers all!

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