Local: 9-1 Vote for Local Cannabis Stores but theres a catch

Council Slam’s dunked the vote to pave the way for local cannabis storefronts within the City's limits.

Sault Ste. Marie City Council on Monday night voted 9-1 in favour of ‘Opting In’ for recreational sales in the City’s limits. They had a deadline of January 22nd via the Province for their answer. The only clause with ‘Opting In’ is that, if a Municipality at a later date ‘Opts Out’, they cannot ‘Opt back In’.

That was a lot to follow, I know but were aren’t done yet. For those Municipalities that ‘Opted Out’ can later choose to flip-flop back in and please be rest assured that this will absolutely happen because once the books of the ‘Opt Inners’ are released the ‘Opt Outties’ will decently want a slice of that pie.

We remember this happening in Colorado in the wake of their first year after recreational cannabis was legalized. The State was rushing to change their legislation because each citizen was going to be due a $7k rebate cheque. Most of the citizens interviewed either wanted a 'quarter'(7 grams of cannabis) or for the State to use the monies to fix the roads, schools, bridges etc. What a great idea if properly implemented. Something that we always shy away from in Canada.

But here comes Captain Buzz Kill again!!! There is a bunch of 'Off Limit' areas, & the City basically wants to keep the sales downtown near the Studio 10 Exotic Night Club & north of the Willoughby. This is only the purposed as well it could end up a lot worse.

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