Local: Businesses in the Sault Cannabis friendly?


As we are currently just over four months since recreational cannabis has been legalized on October 17th of last year.

The sky has not fallen. The citizens are not over running the streets like zombies as the refer madness that had the general population has been believing so for over a century... unless they are smoking the 'Noid'(synthetic cannabis) that is!

Soon Statistics Canada will confirm that cannabis only impairment charges will not have risen as most Conservative & anti-legalization groups/people would also have you believe. Fake News.

One member of our contest team was having a meeting with a local representative at a local establishment this week & before entering they discovered this above sign in the parking lot.

Are we(members of the cannabis movement) finally over the knee curve of the stigmatism of cannabis where as also the general population has also seen the massive epidemic that the government has created with the opioids deaths, the good that cannabis can do to combats this among other issues?

In short the answer is, yes!

This is another step forward. As a football coach once said, 'first you have to learn how to crawl, then you learn how to walk, then you learn how to run!'.

We are just learning how to walk.

Cheers all!

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