Local: Fentanyl found at Parkland Public School

Parkland Public School Principle Mr Dugas & Vice Principle Ms Velcich sent a letter home today with their students to make Parents/Care Givers/Guardians aware that apparently that 'something' was found in the parking lot at the school & they suspect it was left over from the night before.

The release goes on to say that Police Officers did a presumptive test & the substance was believe to be fentanyl. A small zip locked bag contained a blue powder.

As some of the members on our Content Team are Parents as well with children that attend other schools in the ADSB... But did not receive the same letter to make sure that ALL the students & their respective Parents/Care Givers/Guardians are also aware & make sure that these potential hazards are out there.

One content member is a trained Health & Safety Rep., informed his children thats if they find a baggy of anything on the ground to make sure no one touches it, that they leave a person there to make sure that this is carried out until the other person gets a Teacher, Teacher's Assistants etc. & they will make sure that they proper precautions are taken to resolve the issue.

For these reasons, we have included the release for everyone to be aware. Safety First!

Please have a safe warm evening all!

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