Politics: Justin & John sitting in a tree…

Whoa. So the Political part of our Content Team have been just relaxing(hitting the bong known as M-40) & taking in the somewhat of a reprieve until the next cycle starts.


Must have chopped up too much meds in the waiting because the next cycle is here with the much anticipated Federal By-election in Burnaby-South & the NDP's leader, Jagmeet Singh, third test in his short tenure as party leader.

The first was when Jagmeet secured the Party's leadership. The second is his leadership thus far. With this comes the leaders biggest challenge thus far, one major issue being the all but stagnate fundraising & the next being the same issue when memberships.

But the second & third test are interconnected being that, if Jagmeet does not also secure the Federal seat in parliament it is most likely going to come down to his poor performance of leader thus far & the fact of the high Asian demographics in the riding might work against him again it is wise to note that he took a riding that the NDP did not ever hold before so we can't count him out just yet.

Oh Justin, he stood by his man... For a few days & it came out over the weekend that he was firing his outspoken oh.. sorry.. mis-spoken Ambassador to China John McCallum. What a cluster-fuck(Definition: cluster-fuck: A disastrously mishandled situation) this has turned out to be.

One would have to question why Justin & his regime would wait at all to dismiss his Ambassador for stating the weaknesses in the government's case for extradition against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou to the U.S. & listing the ways in which the Financial Officer's Lawyer could get her home.

It should not have taken any length of time the Ambassador should have been fired as soon as the PM found out about his statements & seeing how close it was it should have came down imminently and before Conservative leader, Andrew Sheer, had any chance to criticize but to praise him for his great leadership(talk about a pipe dream).

Well this will be this first kick off article as this year's election season heats up!

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