Politics: Will Jagmeet lament his leadership as NDP Party Leader or will Richard squeak out a vital victory for the Grits?

Well ladies and gents it has been a rather crazy week. We have been faithfully watching CPAC Question Period all this week because today is ‘Black Monday’ & we are wondering who is going to be next to resign because they did nothing wrong from the embattled Liberal cabinet.

Da da da, another one bits the dust!

The Grits were getting hammered all week long from across the aisle from the NDP, Conservatives & actually some of their own Liberal backbenchers. But they mostly staved off the attacks with their mindless starting Quarter Back boring interview question answers.

We are closing within 12 hours of knowing the results of the most important by-election for Party leader Jagmeet Singh as well the NDP before  this falls federal election and Canadians will choose to either re-elect Justin Trudeau and his Liberal regime who have been embattled by more that one scandal per year or will Andrew Sheer and his Conservative  stage their strategic attacks and overthrow the regime and seize power once again?

Oh only time will tell for those last questions and another crazy theory is that Andrew might not get enough seats and might be propped up by Max & his Peoples Party of Canada. What a nightmare that would be for Andrew but the Conservatives did that to themselves by alienating the dairy farmers and supply chain management issues during their convention. But some like this could actually be plausible with scandal after scandal that Justin and his Liberal regime have been a party to and these are the ones that we know about.

The race is really only between Jagmeet and Richard because of recent history of past elections as well as the demographics within the riding. The biggest issue is that although the riding went Orange last Federal election by 1.2 percent or 547 votes. The seat was won by Kennedy Stewart whom resigned his seat, ran and successfully became the Mayor of the city of Vancouver.

This race has been very heated at times and if you have seen the debates it has turned ugly and fast but that is because this is how all the elections are going to be ran this year. Down and dirty. But rubbing is racing right! This was pretty much a verbal mandate that Justin told delegates at last years Liberal convention.

The polls are closed now and only time will tell!

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