Regional: Sudbury Cannabis Stores Double & secure the regions Legal Recreational Sales & the Black Market Rejoices

In a not so stunning move the second winner of the PC’s governments brick and mortar recreational cannabis retail stores choose to setup shop in Sudbury.

As most of us in the North know that there has historically been anything known north of Sudbury according to the residences from Sudbury and from South of the Muskoka’s. 

With Greater Sudbury’s population sitting at 160k+, the Sault at 75k, Thunder Bay at 100k & Timmins at 41k as for the business aspect of course they picked them because that is where the population base is coupled with North Bay at 50K and roughly 40mins away it only makes fiscal sense from the business aspect.

Let’s hope that the estimates from the federal, provincial governments as well as various advisors from the major banks that the supply chain inventory issues are resolved by next year but as we have predicted that with the edible and concentration markets due to come online this fall will extend the shortages for at least mid 2021-2022.

This prediction is based on the fact that if the LP’s invest in producing quality edible and concentration products that are able to compete with the black market. Mainly because if you are using a big grade flower you yield 1 gram of concentrates for every 3-4 grams of flower. If they were to use low grade strains as they have stated it will take 10-15 grams of flower to produce 1 gram of concentrates.

Again, a epic fail by the ‘legal’ regime, because remember why the Liberals were for legalization in the first place, to get themselves elected and flip-flop…. we mean, to take these drugs out of the hands of our children.

It is very hard to see how this is supposed to be accomplished when they choose to sell inferior cannabis products at inflated price points. 

Fact in point, Stats Canada release of cannabis sales that confirm what we have been saying from the start & the Black Market remains the bread winner by dominating the medical and recreational market share of 65-70%!

Cheers all!

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