Regional: Sudbury gets the regional Retail Pot Shop

The residence in the area of 1299 Marcus Drive have until March 6th to provide their feedback on the preposed retail recreational cannabis store for our region to the city of Sudbury.

The company ‘Highlife’ registered with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario by the licence lotto winner Anton Lucic of one of the two northern licences applications.

April 1st is the earliest that stores are legally able to sell the to public and have to be selling by the 25th otherwise they face daily fines for not being in fully operation status.

It is doubtful but it looks as though the general population in the Algoma region will be stuck with the trip the Sudbury to Costco but now add to the trip the only access to a recreational cannabis storefront until the supply issues are resolved as per Doug Ford & his Conservative regime which has been predicted by our team to last until 2022.

What the government needs to take into account for these supply issues is that they are not seeing the numbers that they were expecting of recreational users transitioning to the legal recreational market because of the predicted facts that the LP system is overpriced for an inferior product compared to what the have been used to already.

The next issue is that for the first time ever residents are able to grow cannabis for themselves legally which will put another dent into the market predictions.

Another issue is that the edible market, once the legislation is establish, will divert a large portion of the flower product from the curing process for those that choose the traditional method of smoking or burning the buds.

It will be interesting to see how restrictive the edible laws will be and the public consultation process ended this past Wednesday.

Stay warm & safe everyone!

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