Sports: GAME DAY! Super Bowl Predictions, Food & Cannabis

It is one of the most saddest days in the Americas for the products in our industrialized food system as 8,000 pounds of guacamole, 13,000 pounds of chips(so much for the great potato famine) and 1.25 billion chicken wings!

One might be getting a sore stomach writing this article but to be honest I can’t stop thinking about the New York strip stakes that are marinating in my fridge right now. Hmmmmm stake. Oh seeing how this is partly a food article lets me tell you how to grill the perfect NY Strip Stake.

Now, either way, you can marinate them for a week to a few hours. The longer you are willing to wait the more you will be rewarded when the dinner bell is rung.

At minimal, take the meat out 2 hours before cooking to allow them to get to room temperature and season(salt & pepper, my favourites are Pink Himalayan salt & Pepper Jack pepper corns both in tall manual grinders…the kind the waiter brings over).

Grill on a barbecue, even in the middle of winter where its been averaging -30’C last month, because we’re Canadian and we can handle it. Well I’m from Goulais, I know I can handle it, them town folk though, that remains to be seen. Make sure your grill is at least at 550-650’F before cooking, have a clock on hand and a clean plate to take the cooked goods away.

Put your stakes on the grill and start your clock, now I use the stop watch on my iPhone & I use the lap option with every grill flip to maintain as close as possible equal time per mark. One minute maximum(Four minutes in total) per grill mark then let them rest for 2-5 minutes before cutting into them for maximum flavour profile that will blow your pilate away! Topped off with a beautiful spicy grommet Diana sauce that is infused with 250mg of cannabis oil extract to top it off, Yum! On to the prediction!

At the moment of writing kick-off time is about 11.5 hours away & most of the betting lines in Vegas and online have the New England Patriots winning at 2.5. Now I have won my fantasy football league last year by picking Tom Brady as one of my three Quarter Back. My fiancé was astounded as to why I picked him because over the years I have verbally displayed my displeasure about him but as I explained to her since I as in high school I have disliked him but him and his teammates can put their respective differences aside and win on the field where it counts. And so did I.

So knowing what I know, I am willing to bet that this is not going to be a defence dominated affair, which as a former Line Backer saddens me, but non-the-less will probably end up being a story of which we have seen the end a many of times before with the new twist.

There will be 2-4 lead changes in the final 3 minutes remaining concluding with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots winning another Super Bowl on a game ending drive or something close to that. This is how I believe it will end but rest a sured that being a Buccaneers fan with nothing to cheer for since the owner bought the Manchesters United Football Club & then horrid choice to draft Winston, I will be cheering for the Rams defenders to play spoiler in the final moments & bring the Super Bowl back to the NFC.

To end the evening, a heavy Indica Cali Kush pre-rolled to relax the body & mind.

For everyone, make sure that you have that last relaxing part of your night when your are at home and do not have to travel anymore especially with the new amendments to the driving impairment laws.

Drive safe & remember your rights when encountering the new road side screening procedures.

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