Canada: Two charged in White River

White River Ontario OPP were busy over this holiday season with the arrests of two men in separate incidents. Apparently the traffic stops took place during December 29th & New Years Day, in the White River area, where the men are both accused of having cannabis in their vehicles.

Cannabis became legal for recreational purposes on October 17th, 2018 but came with many restrictions & regulations as things tend to do under liberal regimes. Especially when the guy in charge in the entire implementation is the former Chief of Police of Toronto, how can it go wrong!

One of the many restrictions is how your legally purchased cannabis products can be transported. Thinking of rolling a j, scrapping the government issued bulking container for the ever so faithful sandwich or zip lock baggy might land you like these pour boys below. Hmmm pulled pork poor boy...

This actually prompted predominate cannabis lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, to send out a tweet, basically telling us to travel with the cannabis in the trunk in a locked safe like a hand gun when your 'only' going to and from the shooting range.

Also, we suggest make sure to keep it in its original packaging if you plan of traveling again and never smoke if you plan on driving for a long period of time ei. 8 hours or more especial if your local police force has chosen to purchase the Drager 5000.

Unfortunately for the fellows below, they have to take up time in our already strained court system to take care of their accusations.

Colin Ramsay, 27, of Etobicoke, Ont., was charged with drive vehicle or boat with cannabis readily available and Class G1 licence holder, unaccompanied by qualified driver.

Jacoby Rumancik, 21, of Quesnel, B.C., was charged with drive vehicle or boat with cannabis readily available.


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