World: Traveling with Your Weed

So everyone seems to be happy now that cannabis is legal but as a few gentlemen in White River have found out over the holidays, that it isn't an open & free as some may have thought. Just to remind you that this is just in Ontario.

As we stated in that article, that when traveling with your legally purchased cannabis products make sure that their are in their original containers & out of reach from the driver. Also please take an extra precaution in a locked safe in your trunk is most recommend by our staff.

If your are flying the rules are the same within Canadian airspace to & from Canadian destinations. In preparation of the in coming change in legislation the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) changed their policy regarding traveling with cannabis from it's October 12th, 2016 policy where Screening Agents that discover cannabis products could call police force members to officially check the passengers medical prescription with their respective licensed producer or with Health Canada.

What this also prompted around the same time was all the airlines changing respective policies regarding Medical Cannabis Patients. That if they missed their flight due to waiting for peace/police officers to validate their medical prescriptions the airline is not responsible for the missed flight & such will not cover costs for rebooking etc.

Fast forward to October 19th, 2017, where the CATSA announced their new change in policy, that now Screening Agents shall only call in peace/police officers because of cannabis observed during a search when if the amount is more that you can fit into a milk bag or 150 grams, if the passenger is found to not have a medical prescription & if the cannabis if found left alone.

The Authority's reason for doing so was that in just over a year in implementation of their first policy was that prior to it was that the Screening Agents called in peace/police officers on average 200 times a year & this past year it was over 3000. Couple that with the ever mounting complaints from valid medical patients that they were made to feel like criminals by waiting for verification & in most cases missing their flights + the growing number of passengers with medical prescriptions = changing the policy which will also relief the strain on our Police Forces to do their jobs instead of office administration cross referencing.

Another fast forward to fall of 2018 where Canada & more States in the US voted to legalize cannabis recreationally one of them being Michigan. Some people in our area might think that because it is legal on both sides of the St Mary's River that they can transport their legally bought cannabis products across the boarder in Sault Michigan... but... I'm sorry to be the buzz killer, you'll face chargers in the US if you try it & there currently is not anywhere to buy legal cannabis in Michigan.

This will remain the norm until such time where as the US Adminastration announces at the UN General Assembly that their are breaking their International Drug Treaties obligations the same as Justin Trudeau had.

So until then, driving, boating; keep in its original packaging & out of reach, flying; keep in your carry-on in its original packaging only when flying within Canada. If your are a valid medical patient, the same above is required but in your Licensed Producers packaging along with your prescription & if you are approved to grow your own in whatever packaging of your liking. All only within Canada though.

More depressing than freeing. Time for a heavy Cali Kush!

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